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Trade Marketing Services

The only solution provider that can offer Industry & Consumer
insights AND Operational support that reduces headaches

Merchandising Solutions

We offer a range of solutions to get your products on the shelves of our wide network of retailers throughout the Caribbean

Product Sampling

Our strategic Product sampling campaigns can boost sales and of reinvigorate demand for your product. 

Trade & Sales Reporting

What gets measured gets improved, its that simple. We provide complete sales tracking and reporting  from our agents on the ground

Promotional Events

Form connections and tell your customers about your company and products directly, in-person. We amake this happen everyday.

Product Launches

We help you connect with your customers and tell them how your new product change their lives forever. 

Account Management

We nurture and grow relationships between your brand and your distribution network to ensure sustained and improved levels of sales.

Understand Your Market

Research & Analytics

Get to know your brand’s target market, design better products, enhance the user experience, and craft messages that excites customers and skyrocket sales

Product & Market Research

Make an impact on your target market. In-depth analysis of the size and depth of your market to uncover details about your brand, product and your competitors.

Consumer Research

Increase sales and customer retention. Understand your consumers to develop and promote your brand and products successfully.

Customer Experience Research

Become a customer-centric brand. Understand your customers’ journey, issues, and desires and make your products the solution they need.

Known & Trusted

Our Established Management

Meet our team of dedicated brand ambassadors that are responsible for over 10+ million in sales for clients every year.  

What We Do

Cite Up uses modern and technical approaches to marketing your product to your customers, where it matters the most while they are shopping.

Our Core Value

Our key values of honesty, hard work and constant innovation are the cornerstone to our operations and how we treat our clients and their customers. We strive to uphold through every interaction. 

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Cite Up is the only solution provider that can offer Industry & Consumer
insights AND Operational support that reduces headaches. Contact us for more information on how we can help your business.

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